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Our Company History

We are group of Self-Motivated people coming from Technical & Managerial backgrounds who came together with a commitment to make SOLAR ENERGY Products accessible and useful to people from all walks of life, so that we can reduce depending on Non-Renewable sources of energy and contribute to make Mother Nature more resilient for our future generations. We provide a customized, accurate quote with two to three home solar options. This all happens online and over the phone, on your timeline, not ours. We’re available seven days a week.

Raynergy Solar, with offices in the Delhi, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh, is an experienced EPC contractor for solar PV projects. We are primarily focused on the solar market in rural areas. We use innovative solutions to cater to the project requirements including designing our custom structures and electrical systems that will work optimally with your existing infrastructure. Our top priority is always to deliver high quality and reliability systems. But being project developers ourselves, we understand that the total project cost is a key factor determining your returns – hence we are more focused on squeezing cost without sacrificing quality.


RaynergySolar’s Mission is to Incorporate Solar Energy into each household as if it is an Integrated part of our living.
The “SUN” belongs to One& all and we are working to Create a nation where each individual has his/her own ‘Personalised Sun’ which fulfils all his energy requirements without posing any environmental hazards. Our products are completely based on Renewable and Pollution Free Solar Energy and are user friendly unlike our antagonists which are anti-human.
We wish to see this Planet Pollution Free and here we are doing our bit. SO Get your ‘SUN’ soon.



We can take on the environmental crisis and make a difference for generations to come.

Professional & expert

We provides full Operation and Maintenance services for the entire life-cycle of the project.


Electricity rates are skyrocketing but the cost of solar panels has never been lower. Now’s the time to switch.


Our Expert Will be on your Door Step

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